I hope you can help.

I've just installed FC9 gnome onto an older laptop. In order to get some performance with only 256MB RAM I've done a groupinstall XFCE and have rebooted and selected the xfce session at log in.

All is well however I'm unable to disable the gnome desktop. I have selected the checkbox to allow xfce to control the desktop and have saved the session on exit (as instructed in the dialogue box). I can happily used the xfce desktop.

On reboot the xfce desktop is loaded and then quickly replaced with the gnome desktop (I have selected different wallpapers to I can see which desktop is loaded). The rest of the xfce gui sees to work normally.

I've not encountered this sort of problem before as the distros I've used so far (xubuntu, xfce mint etc) have all provided iso images that only include xfce.

Any suggestions on how to fix this please?