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    massenger work but firefox and program update didnt work

    hi all

    first i was using xp & vista my net config. was


    perferred dns :
    alternate dns :

    net was working good with this config.

    after that i tried linux first step ubuntu i put this config. net works but cut from time to time
    like work 10 hours cut after restart some times network again

    i tried to use fedora after many tries i can made network config. i dont use network manager i use system-config-network . i entered my ips as ubuntu and add my dns after that i tried to connect net firefox didnt open any page i cant update programs but i can make ping to router ip and ping to any site ( google. , yahoo ........... )

    i think it is from proxy setting but when i was using windows and ubuntu i hadnt use proxy settings

    if any one can help me but please step by step

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