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    Logwatch reports empty!! how to debug logwatch?

    Hi Does anyone know who controls Logwatch is it syslog?? as I cant find any error messages to why logwatch reports are comming out empty.

    This started to happen,from when i started to receive empty reports, after our firewall died and we had to change the subnet to plug the server directly to our isp router.
    Ive changed as far as i know all the system parameters like hosts and network details and ive restarted syslogd but files still come out empty. its just not logging!

    And as logwatch is not a service i can restart i dont know how to debug it
    Any ideas??

    Thanks and hope to read somebody soon


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    Read: man logwatch?
    Read: /usr/share/doc/logwatch-*/HOWTO-Customize-LogWatch?
    Edit: /etc/logwatch/conf/logwatch.conf?


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