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    preupgrade F8 official-> F9, update presto repo is wrong

    Did anyone else see this?

    I had an F8 i386 machine setup with presto for updates.
    I did a F8 -> F9 update via preupgrade, when it was
    finished I noticed the yum repo for fedora-update still had the
    Fedora 8 http://lesloueizeh.com/f8/i386/updates presto baseurl
    and not the F9 version which would be http://lesloueizeh.com/f9/i386/updates

    In the old days of presto, it was up to you to edit the
    fedora-update.repo file to point to the http://lesloueizeh.com/f8/i386/updates
    but now that F9 is defaulting to presto, shouldn't the installation of
    the F9 version of fedora-release automatically do that?

    So should I just edit the fedora-update.repo to change
    the "f8" to a "f9" in the baseurl to complete the preupgrade ?

    UPDATE: I went ahead and tried it, sure enough the updates I
    expected then magically showed up....
    So remember to edit your fedora-update if you preupgrade from
    a F8 setup for presto

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    I haven't used preupgrade, but I believe one of the things it does is change the value of $releasever. So you could use a line like this instead.
    That should work for both fedora8 and fedora9. For x86_64 try this.
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