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    MrMichaelWill Guest

    Smile yum is dog slow compared to debians apt. test-transaction exhausts memory?

    I have been running fedora core 2 for months now, and like it except for yum.

    Yum is really awful, it is slow, and I once even had to rebuild the rpm databases in order for
    it to come back.

    Also, I had to create a swap-partition specifically for yum not to make my machine unusable and then fail
    with out-of-memory, even though I have 768M of RAM.

    I use it with 'yum update' - it takes forever to figure out what to update, and then
    when I say ''y' on if I really want to update, it hangs forever and consumes vast amounts
    of memory in what it calls running a 'test transaction'.

    Before I had a swap-partition it used to sometimes fail with malloc not being able to get enough
    memory, crashing mozilla and kmail.

    Apart from that it's great, and I just yesterday installed FC3 at home which looks good so far as
    well, and I did not see the same slowness as with yum, and in fact everything else seems way


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    coboca Guest

    How would one stop reloading X twice ?

    How would one stop reloading X twice ?

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    Jman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by coboca
    How would one stop reloading X twice ?
    Remove rhgb from the kernel line in /boot/grub/grub.conf.

    Kind of like this.

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    Sticky notes - the note on screen after a reboot becomes large and out of focus, can't be resised and therefore must be closed or deleted.

    Greyeyes - after looking at other eyes (big blood shot eyes) grey eyes does not resise in the panel.

    JPEG - option to set to save as JPG would be very helpful for uploading to web sites.


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    The more I get into the Fedora issues the more plain it become that it (FC Distro) is nothing but a test bed for RHEL.

    The testing is not being being addressed on a massive scale of multiple systems, multiple users.
    The unit testing of different scopes is failing and being mixed with system testing. i.g. FC t1 will not install on a dual boot system correctly.
    The install process was not unit tested.

    The final (and mid point) of a release should have updated insatll cd's available. It's toooo massive to re-install and the BACKUP processes are anicent.
    There is no current backup available for LVM.
    (No shadow backup, no barematel backup, and no base core backup program.

    FC is a toy on eon end of the scale for softeware install jumkies
    and a never ending beta testing for RHEL.

    It will not fly for the populice under these conditions.

    It's a good thing it is free or some heads would roll. FC4-T1 is a joke. If I did such things where I used to work, I would be out on my ear.

    I think FC is already in 3rd place (perception wise) and will be 5th by the time Novell and IBM get through with their marketing ply's of the old stuff rebundled.

    FC had better stand around with it head in the sand as the big boys have big plans and they don't give a crap about perfection. They just want it working so they can use it.

    Where is the fix for the FC4-T1 install?
    Why was Gnome 2.10 not included.
    Whay does the gdm have a cpu loop right out of the boxx.
    These are not testing issues. These are over sites on unit tests of the build and the scope of the user base.

    I think FC4-T1 should be released so it can be used by a bigger user base out in the real world.
    Make it T2 but make it happen soon or be in 5th place and watch the user base walk away.

    Do the Math

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    bubudiu Guest

    Question Perhaps this should move to legacy?

    As FC2 is now in legacy, perhaps this thread should now be moved to the legacy forum?

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    latest FC2 kernel 2.6.5-1 or 2.6.10-1 ?

    I installed FC2 from ISOs, got yum and did a full update. This left me with kernel-smp-2.6.5-1.358.i686.rpm the latest kernel according to yum (and the redhat download site). I removed the "exclude=kernel*" line from my yum.conf. did an update, and got kernel-smp-2.6.10-1.771_FC2.i686.rpm - but no 2.6.10 kernel-source. Where does kernel-smp-2.6.10-1.771_FC2.i686.rpm live? Why won't yum find me the source package?
    Is 2.6.10-1 the last FC2 kernel?


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