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    Invisible Mouse Pointer Bug in Fedora 8 After Installation [SOLVED]

    I am completely new to Fedora Linux though I do have a few months of experience with Ubuntu and Suse Linux operating systems.

    After my install of Fedora 8 Linux 32-bit I have an invisible mouse pointer (cursor). I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6100 onboard Video Card.
    My motherboard is the following: Foxconn 6100K8MA-RS (Winfast C51MCP51) FAB1.0 SOCKET 939
    My chipset is the following: nForce 410 MCP chipset

    Can someone walk a newbie thru a fix on this? It's very hard to use an operating system without a mouse pointer.
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    2048Megabytes Guest
    Okay, I've been reading thru Google and I'm trying to install new software drivers for NVIDIA. I've tried the following command: "yum install kmod-nvidia"

    When I type this command in it states I need to be in root to complete this command. How do I get into root?

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    2048Megabytes Guest
    This bug took me several hours to figure out. I was about to give up and uninstall Fedora 8 Linux 32-bit but I finally found a fix after putting all the pieces together. I am going to post a fix for this those who are having similar problems with this highly annoying invisible mouse pointer bug.

    Click on "Applications"
    Go to "System Tools"
    Click on "Terminal"
    Type "su -" and hit enter
    Enter your password
    Type "nautilus --no-desktop" hit enter
    Click on "Places"
    Click on "Computer"
    Click on "Filesystem"
    Click on the folder "etc"
    Click on the folder "X11"
    Click on the file "xorg.conf"

    Scroll down to the page to the posted section:

    Section "Device"
    Identifier "Videocard0"
    Driver "nv"

    Under the "Driver" line type exactly the following in bold text:

    Option "HWCursor" "off"

    Click "Save"

    Then reboot your computer. Your mouse pointer should come back. I know it will not be easy to do all the following with an invisible mouse pointer but it can be done. I hope the above saves someone from banging their head on their keyboard for hours on end like I was doing.

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    Invisible for 3 versions

    I have had that same problem in F6,7, & 8 on my desktop that has the nv video. Sorry I did not see your post sooner, perhaps I could have save a few bangs on the keyboard There were several places I found that had the 'fix'. I appreciate your version--it is more concise and to the point. Thanks. I will probably need it for when I put F9 on this machine.
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    l3mu3l Guest
    Thanks 2048Megabytes, your solution worked like a charm

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    Or, you guys could all learn to check the "Guides and How-Tos" forum first, where you would have quickly and easily found the answer to this, and many other common/long-standing issues.

    Or not. Perfectly acceptable to continue doing things... in other ways.


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