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    amd/ati Driver

    Hi to all,

    I have ga-ma78gm-s2h mobo with integrated hd3200. Recently I did yum update to get rid of GPG key problem, it fixed the problem and updated ATI driver and changed xorg.conf, of course it did not work. I'm not too concerned about it given its not the production release, did the developers expect this to function yet or should we wait for another update?

    Also, does anyone know if UVD will be supported under LINUX.
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    See here about Ati/Nvidia drivers. Making it short, the answer is no, neither of the 2 drivers work on F9 kernel and XOrg version.
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    We'll really get to see how on-the-ball amd has gotten ati to become. Their drivers have been improving in great leaps since the acquisition, so hopefully they're up to the task of getting the drivers out in time for a major release like this. The new ati driver is due about a couple of days after the release date for F9. Cross your fingers that they're prepared.

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    Thanks guys, I can see by the frustration of people both in this forum and others that ATI is a real problem, lets see what they can do.


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