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    Fedora 8 Minimal Install - 247MB after post-install!

    Ok... I've gotten the final installation down to about 247MB after clearing out some files post-install. Thought this might be helpful info for folks looking to do a slim install, though I am sure it's still possible to strip it further.

    Run a graphical install and uncheck every option - literally everything. In my case, the only things I left checked on were openssh server and client. The dependency check added in 3-4 more programs.

    After the installation, I began my post-install routine and added the following packages: iptables. I then removed the following packages:

    • man
    • kudzu
    • bind-utils
    • quota
    • selinux-policy
    • selinux-policy-targeted

    Finally, I deleted the following directories (found these via google):

    • /usr/share/doc
    • /usr/share/i18n
    • /usr/share/info
    • /usr/share/locale
    • /usr/share/man
    • /usr/lib/locale
    • /etc/sysconfig/i18n

    After a reboot, this left me with an approx 247mb footprint. Still working on slimming it down... if anyone has any suggestions, comments, please let me know!

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    you removed man ?


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