Logitech MX 5500 Keyboard & Mouse
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    am_i_registered Guest

    Logitech MX 5500 Keyboard & Mouse


    I'm planning to buy a new mouse and keyboard and I found this:

    I googled for instructions for installation on Linux and I found that the mouse can be perfectly configured to run under Fedora 8 (x86_64) that I'm using, but what about the keyboard?

    I found nothing about it and it is full of special buttons and a screen etc. Does anybody have any experience with this keyboard on Fedora? it'll be silly to have such a keyboard and not being able to use it.

    Thanks you very much in advance, D.

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    A.Serbinski Guest
    I doubt very much that you'll be able to make use of the lcd, but you should be able to map most of the buttons.

    The mouse is more of a challenge than the keyboard. It works great when you get it all figured out. The free-wheeling scroll button is excellent. My only complaint about the mouse is the charger... its a cheap charger and it makes a slight buzzing sound when its plugged in.

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    am_i_registered Guest
    Hi Serbinski,

    Thanks you for your answer.
    As far as I understand you have the mouse and you're satisfied, but you don't have the keyboard(?).
    Anyway I've taken my decision and I'll buy them and if I figure out how to configure the keyboard I'll post it.
    Till then anybody who can help is welcome!

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    A.Serbinski Guest
    Right. I have no interest in fancy keyboards.

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    MX 5500 help

    I've found a couple of good sources that will help with getting the MX 5500 working and other keyboards. I don't know how or if these solutions will still work with Fedora 10 64bit but will post after November 25 if I have a problem.

    This solution was for an LX-700 but the steps should be the same for mx5500.


    NUMLOCK ISSUE - no numlock button
    This was from a ubuntu forum that helps with the fact that a mx5500 does not have a numlock button, so alter for Fedora such as try yum instead of apt-get.:

    Well incase anyone reads this months/years into the future and has the same problem, i've found a workaround.
    First, install numlockx
    sudo apt-get install numlockx
    Then create a script to turn it on.
    sudo gedit /etc/init.d/numlockon
    Enter these two lines of code to your blank script. Save and close gedit.
    numlockx on
    Make your script executable
    sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/numlockon
    Then type this thing that does something that makes it work..
    sudo update-rc.d /etc/init.d/numlockon defaults
    Reboot and enjoy having a functioning numpad!

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