Hello Fedora folks!

I'm Jon Reagan, member of the Ubuntu Georgia (USA) Local Community Team. My team will be holding a Linux InstallFest on May 17, 2008 at Emory School of Law here in Atlanta. This is an open invitation to Fedora users, as we are looking to include Fedora in on the fun.

We're looking for anyone who might want to do a 15 min. presentation on Fedora or Fedora related stuff, and for anyone who wants to come, hang out, and just have a good time!

We'll be meeting at the Emory School of Law, 1301 E. Clifton Rd., Atlanta, Georgia on May 17. 2008, from 9-5pm.

We have done this event before and have had rather good reception, with Fedora and Ubuntu being the most popular distributions. Some representation from Fedora would be awesome, so if you would like to come, show a presentation, or like to help out, be sure to email the Ubuntu Georgia LoCo mailing list (you'll need to register first):


OR enter your name on the wiki (you'll need to register first...):


OR reply back to this thread, and we can hammer out the details later.


Jon Reagan