I wanted to ask if someone knew how to recover sound after a kernel update. When i upgraded from 50 to 64, my sound went away but PulseAudio is still running and connected to a server, so there is no problem there. I think the kernel update makes some change to some file that needs to be updated for sound to be heard again. I know that sounds very vague but I remember seeing somewhere that is just like one command. I have searched and searched and cannot find it. My speakers aren't muted and playback options in volume control are all at high volume.

Also, on 50 and 64, my mic does not work. When I try to do a test call on skype for example, i get "Problem with Audio Capture". When I fixed pulseaudio on kernel 50, the last one, the mic didnt recover =(

Dell Inspiron 1420
Sound card: Intel HDA (ICH8 family)