Fedora Update System: "Bodhi"
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    Fedora Update System: "Bodhi"

    Did you know you can help packagers test updates, give them feedback and even prevent a faulty package from being pushed into the repositories? The new Fedora Update System (bodhi) integrates with the Fedora Build System (koji) and lets any user give feedback on a specific update, be it in updates-testing or in the stable repository.

    If you've had good experiences with a testing update, give that it +1 karma by selecting the "Works for me" button and have it released faster. If a package didn't work on your system, give it -1 karma by selecting "Does not work". If an update's karma in testing reaches a certain threshold (currently -3), the package will not be pushed into the stable repository.

    Package maintainers are notified of each comment, so chances are the problems you mentioned when giving feedback will be fixed sooner. If you'd like to get started, try it out or just look around, visit the updates system here. Select the update category (Pending, Testing, Stable, Security) and then choose the update you'd like to give feedback on. Alternatively, you can use the search bar in the upper right corner of the page to skip to the exact package you're looking for.

    Direct link: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates
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    Re: Fedora Update System: "Bodhi"

    Updated link to bodhi


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