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    HOWTO - make less noise from video card while using fglrx driver

    i had this problem of huge fan noise when i'm using fglrx driver for my x1950pro card. I recently found this:
    It's basically a modified radeontool that tweaks some registers in the card to turn off unused rendering pipes.
    I tried it myself and it works fine - card quietted down after 15 secs after turning it on, so i'm putting the link here for people in need.

    become root:
    su -
    gunzip *tool.tar.gz
    tar xvf *tool.tar
    cd rad*
    cp radeontool /bin/radeontool_power_low
    radeontool_power_low power low

    It seems to work fine with newer generation of cards, like x1600+; there have been reported hard lockups when using it on a x1400 radeon. No reports for the effect on the 2000+ series yet.

    i atattched the modified radeon tool in case the original web site is down for some reason
    if you get some error like: "Radeon control memory not found" try the attatched version
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    But of course, take the above with a grain of salt...

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    bash: /bin/radeontool_power_low: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory
    The radeontool shiped with fedora works fine. Any ideas?

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    This is quite a old file actually, the executable format may have changed in the mean time, and there could be some compatibility problems since bash wants to run it, and it looks to link it to the library /lib/ ... but none is to be found .

    I'm stuck on Windows for the time being and i can't test it out on the latest and greatest Fedora, but look into the missing library thingy
    But of course, take the above with a grain of salt...

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