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    srealthang Guest

    Resolution does not configure to 1024x768


    I have a Fedora Core 2 install on Gateway VTX400 laptop and the laptop supports 1024x768 resolution. However my screen only shows 800x600. Although I can set X11 to use 1024x768 (by modifying /etc/X11/xorg.conf and by using Start->System Settings->Display) however the resolution remains the same, i.e. at 800x600. I notice that GNOME does not allow me to set the resolution higher than 800x600 (by using Start->Preferences->Resolution), how do I fix this?

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    You need to alter the vertical and horizontal refresh rates in the xorg.conf to match those of the LCD screen.

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    srealthang Guest

    Changed xorg.conf

    Any idea how to figure out what the correct refresh rates are? I've tried setting them high and GNOME still won't pick it up.


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    carbo18 Guest
    I woul d suggest contacting Gateway for the specs.

    Be careful changing your vertical and horizontal refresh rates randomly, this can harm your monitor or screen.

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    Lee Guest
    I had the same problem. Also didn't know the settings for my monitor (and didn't know how to configure Xorg rather than X11).

    I reinstalled and found that early in the install screens was a setting that let me tell the system what resolutin to use. I'd missed it on the first install. If all else fails, hope this helps.

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    deuch Guest
    In the Display menu you can change your LCD type ... do you try to put your screen like this "LCD 1024x768" ???


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    srealthang Guest

    LCD 1024x768


    Yes, I have configured my screen as "LCD 1024x768". I don't know what the model number really is

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