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    Totally confused with LVM on fc7

    I tried searching this forum, but have found nothing that helps. So here goes.
    I installed Fedora FC7 on my multi-operating system PC which uses System Commander to boot between Win2k, Fedora, DOS and OS/2. Prior to Fedora, I had installed Redhat 6,7 and 9 and all was well.

    When I decided to install FC7 I went ahead and installed it with the default LVM, although I didn't understand exactly why I did this, except that it was the default. (Yes, I know... )

    My Fedora partitions are:
    /dev/sda9 for the boot partition (/boot) - 94 MB - ext2
    /dev/sda10 for the Swap - 1 GB
    /dev/sda11 for Mount Point / - 64 GB - ext3

    During the boot sequence, I see that LVM is loaded. The problem seems to be that I when I try to see what logical volumes I have, I get the message:

    [root@dad ~]# lvdisplay
    File descriptor 5 left open
    File descriptor 7 left open
    No volume groups found

    OK, I haven't defined any logical volume groups and I don't know how, or why I would want to. I'm just now trying to get rid of LVM, so I could have a file system that I understand, but previous responses to posts have me totally confused.

    Very simply, I want to back up what I currently have in /boot and /, then wipe the partitions clean and reinstall fc7 and restore all my files. Can someone refer me to a Howto or Faq which could describe a step by step process to do this?

    Eternal thanks if someone can do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvoltagg

    My Fedora partitions are:
    /dev/sda9 for the boot partition (/boot) - 94 MB - ext2
    /dev/sda10 for the Swap - 1 GB
    /dev/sda11 for Mount Point / - 64 GB - ext3
    Hello tvoltagg,

    According to that, maybe you didn't choose an LVM partition layout for Fedora. In fact, I like it. Why get rid of it if it's working?

    P.S.: I read your other thread about the size of Acronis backups of ext3 partitions. I guess that is what led you here. When people start saying things like "LVM underneath ext3", I know I'm in over my head with your LVM thing. I hate it, don't use it anymore, didn't use it long enough to learn the ways to screw it up. I should retreat from here because of that. But I do remember this: When I backup an ext3 partition with Acronis, the TIB file is big. Really big. Nearly as big as the partition. And I don't use LVM.
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