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    E17 enthusiasts please respond

    I've been playing around with other DE's recently (fluxbox, openbox, xfce, gnome, kde, and e17) and i just wanted your thoughts on why e17 is so great. I found certain parts of configuration to be confusing at times, transitioning from one desktop to another to be choppy, but that the feel of it is great. I really want to give it a legitimate try ( I only spent about an hour with it so far) but I'd also like some input from all of you out there on what you think works the best, which modules are worth having, and how to set things up properly.

    I'm not a complete n00b, or whatever term you prefer, when it comes to linux, but I'm not a seasoned veteran either.
    I'm running a toshiba satellite m65 laptop, 1.86 GHz M processor, with 1.5 gigs of ram.

    Any help, thoughts, comments, and hopefully a screenshot if you have the time would be greatly appreciated!


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    Wayne Guest
    There's an active thread here:



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