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    ughi Guest

    Question Swiftfox doesn't display scandinavian chars correctly

    Due to advice given in thread


    I'll now need info to an issue about Switftfox:

    At 1st using switffox seem to solve the issue with the flashplayer crashing, thats good.

    But, now some of the links do not work the way they worked with firefox. Since the problem is with scandinavian characters in the address of in the file name that might be one issue that never will be solved.

    For example firefox translated (ie. showed) scandinavian character (<- that is A with dots on top, if it not shown correctly) as a code %E4. And then the link or a filename worked correctly.

    Now, swiftfox translates the same character as a ä (<- thats A with tilde on top followed by currency sign). And the link does not work any more.

    I've heard that the same problem is with browser that comes with that user interface for DOS from redmond. So, in a way it is a quite big issue.
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