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    error: vesamenu.c32: attempted DOS system call

    Quote Originally Posted by stepher
    This is actually in the aftermath of my previous posting "Fedora 7 crash, non-boot"...

    I actually flattened my hard drives (since I wasn't smart enough to figure how to fix things as they were (and I was afraid the system was too far gone for any help

    So, I cleared off the hard drives (Maxtor 200 GB x 2) and attempted a clean (and unfettered) install. I had used the same DVD previously to get FC 7 up and running on this very same machine with no problems (was a very smooth install), until I tried to "fix it too much" Now when I try to install Fedora I get the message: "vesamenu.c32: attempted DOS system call" aand it goes back to the boot prompt. Pressing "Enter" *should* get me into the graphical install process but all I get is that message. Never got anything like that the last time...what gives?

    Any constructive help is appreciated.

    Cheers (and frustrated).... Steph
    An update: This has become another one of my "Duh!" moments

    Turns out that the message was inconsequential. When I typed in "Linux"/return, lo and behold, the install process began, and using my on-board graphics no less (I had been hitting only the "Enter" key, assuming that it would automatically go into install presumptuous of me

    Just goes to show that sometimes taking messages toooooo seriously can be a problem. As I write this I am rebuilding my Fedora system and hope to have it back up and running soon.

    Hope this helps anyone who's been experiencing the same stuff.

    Cheers and have a great weekend...Steph
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