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    Logitech mx1000

    I know this topic has been brought up tonnes of times, but ive been searching all night for a solution on how to get most/all the buttons on the mx1000 logitech mouse working.

    ive gone through a tonne of threads on this forum and others and tried just about every "solution" to no avail.

    does anyone know of a how-to that is simple and works, i dont expect all the buttons to work, id atleast want forward and back working, and the wheel side-to-side buttons working as well(i use wheel-left button as my middle button since my actual wheel-click button is somewhat busted on the mouse itself, you gotta press it really hard for it to function)



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    I did a quick Google search using the phrase "MX1000 Linux" and came up with quite a few results..

    I do not have the MX1000 so I cannot tell you how these suggestions might work but it is a place to start.

    Here are a couple of links, you might do the search on Google yourself for more...




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    Unfortunately its not that easy, if only every problem could be solved by a google search. I've got two systems that have MX1000's and only on one of them have I been able to get the mouse buttons to work for the most part, on the other I still have no side scroll etc.

    Good luck, hope you have better luck than I have with this.

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    thanks rjstaff for the links, unfortunately i have already come across those links during my search and none worked.

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