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    Linux FC1 (soon 2) and Mac Alias' via LAN

    Anyone have any ideas as to how I can access a Mac OS X "Alias" over a LAN from a Linux/FC1 machine?

    I would also entertain interesting work arounds.

    Background - My friend and I have set up the LAN and I can access files in my local directory on his computer while logged in. I can't, however, access any other directories on his machine. He set up an "Alias" - like a shortcut I believe - to another directory, but I can't open it in Linux (using Nautilus/Gnome).

    Any thoughts?

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    Mac OS X and Fedora both uses SAMBA. I don't know how to set up samba in OS X, but in Fedora you use the samba configuration tool in system settings > Server settings

    If you don't have the tool, or samba installed. Install the packages: redhat-config-samba, samba samba-client samba-common

    If you want to browse smb in nautilus, you'll need a gnome-vfs2-extras package as well. Use www.fedoratracker.org to locate it.
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    We've got Samba working fine and I can access files and directories (from either machine), but not the "Aliases" (shortcuts) in folders on the Mac. I'm trying to learn how to access other directories on the Mac. IE. the folder that contains all the graphics and audio files for a web site we're working on. This folder is not below my home folder on the Mac Machine and setting up an Alias (shortcut) doesn't work as Linux can't access/read the alias (shorrtcut).

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