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    adding fedora 7 grub to multi boot system

    I have Fedora core 5 and 6 and 7 and windows 2000 installed on two hard drives on a multi boot system. Each version has a home partition and a root partition they share a swap partition. Fedora 5 and 6 share a boot partition hda10. When I installed Fedora 7 I installed the bootloader into hda8 the root partition. and then manually added the needed boot stanzas to Fedora 6's menu.lst. I recently did a kernel upgrade on Fedora 7 and had to manually edit the bootloader to load the new kernel. If I open a terminal and log in as root then "grub-install sda10" will that install the grub from Fedora 7? I would back up the current menu.lst and add the list to the new bootloader.
    Thanks Terry

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    stevea Guest
    I don't like the "stanza" you added to hda10../boot/grub/grub.conf . You should IMO have used a stanza like this:

    title FC7
    configfile (hd0,9)/boot/grub/grub.conf
    This causes the hda8 config file to (when selected) pull up the hda10 config file. Thenyou need don't need to manually edit on kernel upgrade.
    If you boot FC7, and you type "grub-install --no-floppy /dev/sda" then the this re-writes the MBR to boot the contents of the current /boot/grub (which is on sda10).

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