I just installed Fedora 7. My motherboard is ASUS P5GC-MX.

The VGA however does not seem to be able to detect. The display setting supports up to 800x600 display resolution.

I need to adjust to 1024x768.

I tried to install the drivers in the ASUS installation CD. But it doesn't work. Firstly, I'm on a 64bit sys.

The cd driver is Intel-3.4.3006-20051209.i386.tar.gz (32 bit). The asus website has the same driver as CD-Rom.

Any advice please?

I need to adjust to 1024x768 or higher.
(just a note: previously when i was testing and checking out openSUSE, the entire sys hangs when i select 1024x768 in the installation final part.)

Appreciate if someone can help and advice.

Many thanks.