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    betz Guest

    recover deleted or disapeared files?

    Hi everybody,

    after a server-down strugle of almost 13 hours, are there mysql-db's that are missing.
    I searched with shell locate, nothing. everything is gone.
    There is one db that has a big value of importance, so i really want to get this one back.

    I know in mac & win there are some apps where you can recover lost data with.
    Even in the new mac os x leopard, there will be 'time-machine' build in, where you can recover deleted data easely.
    Is there such a solution for fedora?

    We are using fedora6, with only root shell access, no graphical interface.
    The server is a production server with many clients running accounts.
    Tomorrow we will reinstall the whole server so a whole new fedora.
    For this, i think if theres a solution, it has to be
    recovered now before everyhing is overwritten again and lost forever.
    So i have short time to do it. less than 18 hours



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    betz Guest
    I found this software to recover accidentally deleted files on linux:

    Someone knows something like this that is free to use?

    or a shell script that does the same, but on the original pc. So where the script analyses & recover the data on the production server itself.

    Looks like not many people have some experience in this, starting to feel really desperate.

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    If it is not broken, tweak it... If you break Fedora you get to keep both pieces :p

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    Sleuth Kit, and Autopsy, but don't hold your breath, if you have used the machine since the loss, there's more than a good chance data is lost for ever.

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    And why will installing a new Fedora overwrite your disk? Simply remove the disk and install a new one to install to. I see no reason to install the new Fedora to the one you are trying to recover data from.

    And even if you do have to install to the same drive, you an still back up what you have with the dd command. The dd command is as disk dump. It cares nothing about files, just sectors. That way "deleted" files, which would never be backed up with a cp or rsync will still be there, waiting to be dd'd back to a new drive and let you have another go at it.

    I say steal the drive and lock it in a safe. But if you can't, man page should tell you how to use dd to dump that disk.

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