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    baldinosaur Guest

    network setup melt down

    hello everybody
    this my fist time on any forum or disscusion or anything.
    please excuse any fo pars or etique breaches.
    I'm used to solving all problems myself.
    I'm a graphic designer/multimedia producer
    with a whole bunch of computers running all windows and Mac operating systems
    as far back as WIN95/OS7.6 ( this is for testing purposes, unlike some developers
    who are not interested if you have any software or hardware older than one month)
    I wish to network the lot with a simple graphical drag and drop of files program/operating
    system instead of transfering files from one machine to another by removable media.
    I've been trying to see if fedora 4 (or any other version) will fill this role.
    I can't get my fedora machine to see any macs.
    First of all will fedora do the job?
    if not! please point me in the right direction.
    If it will can you point me to where i can get a step by step visual giude
    to setting things up.
    please no tecno babble remember I'm a graphic designer used to simple

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    Jman Guest
    Fedora 7 is the latest release. Unfortunately, there isn't any updates of FC5 or before, so I recommend you go 7, even though you like keeping software around.

    There are some nice file managers, like nautilus which is for the default GNOME desktop. It can browse Windows shares and do other stuff with just dragging things around. You might like using yumex for installing software. Not sure what else you want to do.

    Being a graphic designer you will probably work with The GIMP.

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