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    Question compiz not working on Fedora 7

    I have been unable to get compiz to work on Fedora 7. Beryl works just fine. I am using the Nvidia drivers. I was going to install compiz-fusion but decided to try compiz first. With compiz I get windows without buttons or borders and windows that can't be moved or closed.

    I would appreciate any help offered.


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    stevea Guest
    There is a long thread on compiz/beryl - search the forum.. These are neat eyecandy, but it seems that they are still quite dependent on the graphics settings and driver features and AFAIK no one has a detection script to tell you if you have a chance of succeeding. Instead you are expectdedto try, fail (often with a lot of difficulty) revize your driver & xorg.conf and then try again. Very sad actually.

    FWIW my ATI laptop chip runs compiz w/ no problem and locks hard when I try to start beryl. I realize there are half a dozen things I could try ... but I don't have 1 or 2 hours to play. Great software (tho' mostly useless IMO) but the installation and support detail for the various devices is primitive at best.

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    If you are just choosing Compiz with beryl-manager, the same thing happens to me. You might want to try disabling Beryl and starting Compiz via the Desktop Effects option. Beryl is much cooler than Compiz, but Compiz-Fusion 0wnz them both . You might wanna try installing Compiz-Fusion and see how it works.
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    Trying to install Compiz-Fusion is what started this process. I installed it and it didn't work. I had windows withut title bars or buttons. I couldn't manipulate open windows in any way.

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    Do you have compiz installed?

    Are you using the livna packaged nvidia drivers?

    try turning on aiglx/xgl with 'livna-config-display --tui -a'

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    'livna-config-display --tui -a' did the trick!!

    Thanks for your help

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