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    Fedora and XAMPP

    I need to enter a password in order to log in to localhost with my browser. Now, after logged in and entered phpinfo.php, the file shows the following:

    PHP_AUTH_PW --- this shows my password.

    _SERVER["PHP_AUTH_PW"] --- this shows my password too.

    While this is server is on my laptop, and a password is needed in order to view my xampp index page, this is something that I dont like.

    php.ini and httpd.conf files dont have anything with my password on it.

    Any ideas or recommendations.


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    That password was passed by your browser to apache and is passed by apache to PHP. It is available only as long as it takes for PHP to generate the page. If you were to able to log in with a different username and password, it would show that username and password, not yours.

    So, a) there's nothing you can do about it, and b) there's nothing you need to do about it, this is not a security risk except if you have someone looking over your shoulder while you view the phpinfo page.
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