Fedora 7 and XAMPP
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    telepatico Guest

    Fedora 7 and XAMPP

    I do have Fedora 7 and XAMPP installed on my laptop
    As a security measure, followed what XAMPP recommend to do for XAMPP.

    Now, for Fedora 7, is there any settings or measures I need to follow to improve a well secure environment for my daily computing needs, such as Internet, and the use of XAMP as well as other normal functions?

    I got clamav too.


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    Unless you are talking about a production environment (e.g., a server for your company's lampp-based Accounting or ERP system), then what you have is already fine. As I understood your statement, you are just using your PC as a normal desktop computer, perhaps with XAMPP for development purposes. It's all good already.

    Now, for actual production use, although following the XAMPP security precautions is a good first step, you need to understand the modules and services you are actually running. If you are using PHP, for example, then you also need to make sure you not only set the php.ini file to production setting values, but that the PHP apps you are running likewise follows best-practice rules (filters and validates data before entering into the database, uses a whitelist approach whenever possible, etc).

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    telepatico Guest
    I new something else was missing. Thanks.

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