I want to create an alias for signing on freechess .org. Now I have to type : ` xboard -ics -internetChessServerInputBox true -icshost www.freechess.0rg'. I went to my home directory and typed vi ~/ .bashrc and it says 2 files to edit.
It says "~/" illegal file name. I don't understand this. Anyway I scrolled down to .bashrc and hit enter and it says
# .bashrc
# user specific aliases and functions
# source global definitions
if [ -f /etc/bashrc ] ; then
. /etc/bashrc thats one file I assume
fi what is this (second file?)
Anyway I think I'm in the right place but as a noob I get nervous when I see global and don't want to mess up.
Any tutorials out there on this stuff? thanks! also what do the brown and blue colors indicate?