Terminal Line Creating Folders/Locked Folders
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    3th0s Guest

    Arrow Terminal Line Creating Folders/Locked Folders

    So I'm trying to install some codecs, but the problem is that they are supposed to go to
    and i don't have a "codecs" folder in /lib. When i manually go to that folder, I can't make a new folder in it because I'm not logged in as the root.
    So I'm guessing that this has to be done in the terminal. I've logged in as root, and then changed my directory to
    /usr/local/lib , but i don't know where to go from there.
    Is there a way to log in as the root in the GUI, or a way to create folders via terminal?

    Thanks for the help/support, I'm slowly tinkering along Linux with your help!

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    Logged in as root using
    su -
    cd /usr/local/lib/
    then to create the directory codecs
    mkdir codecs

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    3th0s Guest
    Thanks for the quick reply, got the folder made, and was able to easily move everything over.
    Thanks again!

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