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    yvsandeep Guest

    How to change the progress bar splash screen during boot up ...

    hi all,
    i have successfully changed the splash screen but i do not know how to change the splash screen where the progress bar comes....
    i like to change it where this is mentioned.where to place the controls and everythins.....
    thank you.....

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    Wayne Guest


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    yvsandeep Guest
    can u please explain a lil more elaborately where i should place the controls......

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    yvsandeep Guest
    it would be more helpful if you can post some samples here.....

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    Wayne Guest
    Sorry, thought you wanted the location where the splash resides. Will go out tomorrow and buy new glasses.


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    yvsandeep Guest
    thx dude

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    yvsandeep Guest


    good luck with your glasses

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    Wayne Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by yvsandeep
    good luck with your glasses
    That's easy, I'll just buy a couple of beer bottles, cut the bottoms off and wrap a wire coat hanger around them

    I don't know if you've tried putting "how-to make linux start-up splash" or similar into Google.


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    Wayne Guest
    Actually, I think I totally misunderstood your original question. Are you talking about the rhgb screen?


    If so, see this thread:


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