Some time ago, a posted the message below:
Since I upgraded to FC5, HAL/hotplug have been behaving strangely...

When I stick in my external USB HDD, it is recognized, a mount point is created (at /media/disk/ ) and it is automatically mounted, all right.
When I copy files FROM the external HD, I get the expected USB 2.0 transfer speed of up to ~10 MBps. However, when I transfer files TO the external HD, the speed drops to ~ 200 kBps (VERY SLOW, slower than USB 1.1). Does anyone know the reason for this?

On the other hand, if I mount manually the drive (with mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbext3) as root, I get the same speed (for USB 2.0) in both directions. What could be happening here?

Another bizarre behaviour that I get with either the external HDD or with a DVD is that if I close the session, the drives are unmounted and the mount point is removed. Well, this could be a reasonable behaviour, but I don't want it... I want to keep the drives mounted even if I close KDE. Where do I look for a configuration file (or configuration GUI) to change this feature?

At that time, I gave up on HAL/Hotplug and mounted my external drives manually. Now, I installed FC6 and decided to give HAL/Hotplug another chance, but the behavior is essentially the same: When I tranfer files FROM the external USB HDD, I get high transfer rates, but when I transfer TO the USB HDD, the transfer rates drop to ~ 120 kBps.

How can I begin to diagnose the problem? I don't know the first thing on automount/HAL/Hotplug... Someone suggeste that I should post a message on the developers list. Should I still do that?

Thank you.