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    Post The Home of The Links

    Here I hope to make a main one thread repository for links, only the best and brightest of the bunch go here. If you think a link makes the bar pm me and I will see about putting it here. For those that aren't so great (or just don't quite give the same bible-esque type of value I will put in a reply post. Without further adieu:

    The Unofficial Fedora FAQ
    A great site with tons of pertinent Fedora FAQ's. Newbies should highly consider reading this entire site before posting a support question

    Fedora News
    Many Many excellent tutorials/howtos here (even one written by our own mhelios). If you think your question might be even a little common check here first as many of the most asked for items are here and fedora-centric to boot.

    The Linux Documentation Project
    If your question involves a topic more generally linux based/distribution independent then this is an Excellent resource with hundreds of documents ranging everything under the sun.

    Mostly newbie related questions (although not limited to them) this is a forum with many questions asked and answered that is a good place to start any question search.

    Yet another Linux forum site, with distro- and topic-specific sub-forums.

    RPM Repos and Search Sites
    RPM Pbone
    RPM Find
    RPM Seek
    Fedora Tracker (Search not functional as of 2008)

    Official Fedora Users Mailing List

    This is a tremendous general Fedora resource that people never use enough. The archives of the fedora-list mailinglist contains MANY helpful tips, hints, gotchas, advice and even howto's.

    There are other more specific lists as well:
    • fedora-announce-list
      Package Updates, Security Fixes, new Releases
    • fedora-devel-list
      Fedora Development
    • fedora-test-list
      Fedora Test Releases
    • fedora-docs-list
      Fedora Docs Project
    • fedora-config-list
      system-config-* GUI tools
    • fedora-desktop-list
      Desktop Look & Feel and related topics.
    • fedora-legacy-list
      Fedora Legacy Project.

    There is another archive location here:
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