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    guy Guest

    How to enable in Firefox 2?

    In my frenzied attempts to get Flash-plugin 9 working I think I did something bad to the above plugin, as wmv files no longer open in a new tab, and I have to download to listen/watch. The plugin is listed in aboutlugins, but it isn't enabled. Could someone please suggest a way of getting it to work?



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    leigh123linux Guest
    If you want to enable it

    filter for plugin


    and toggle it to false
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    zivko_sudarski Guest
    copy (from usr/lib/flash-plugin ) to

    restart mozilla and go to
    to test your flash plugin installation.

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    guy Guest
    Thanks for the suggestions, folks.

    Flash works fine, but I've altered the about:config page as suggested, and still when I click on a wmv on the following page, nothing at all happens now- I don't even get the option to save-

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