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    urke Guest

    MPlayer 1.0rc1 not load TTF

    I have installed:


    Until latest yum -y update all worked OK, but. From today morning mplayer won't load truetype fonts for subtitle display.

    Settings in ~/.mplayer/config that worked yesterday, today not work. Instead of Myriad Pro Condensed, mplayer loads some (default?) font that is wide (I think that is DejaVu), and ignore even if I specify mplayer -font /home/urke/.mplayer/myriad.ttf movie.avi.

    Do anyone else have this problem? What can be solution to this work again?

    And, yes, myriad.tty IS in my ~/.mplayer dyrectory, readable. There is no any warrning or error, just font is not loaded, not displayed. Mplayer is linked to freetype library:

    [urke@urosevic Ignition]$ ldd /usr/bin/mplayer |grep freetype
   => /usr/lib/ (0x00d48000)
    [urke@urosevic Ignition]$ ll /usr/lib/
    [urke@urosevic Ignition]$ ll /usr/lib/
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 Dec 10 23:10 /usr/lib/ ->
    Help me please. TIA

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    alpha645 Guest

    Try the commands in the first post of this thread. High chance it's related.

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    urke Guest
    I do that before starting this thread, but, no, that not helped

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    alpha645 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by urke
    I do that before starting this thread, but, no, that not helped
    Open a terminal and type:


    Now, try to reproduce the error. And then, copy the entire terminal content inside this thread as a new post.

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    urke Guest
    There is output from gmplayer:

    MPlayer (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team
    CPU: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+ (Family: 15, Model: 44, Stepping: 2)
    CPUflags:  MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 1 3DNow2: 1 SSE: 1 SSE2: 1
    Compiled with runtime CPU detection.
    xscreensaver_disable: Could not find XScreenSaver window.
    mplayer: could not connect to socket
    mplayer: No such file or directory
    Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control.
    Playing /home/urke/tmp/filmovi/01 NOVO/Ignition/Ignition.avi.
    AVI file format detected.
    Forced NON-INTERLEAVED AVI file format.
    VIDEO:  [DIV3]  640x360  24bpp  25,000 fps  919,2 kbps (112,2 kbyte/s)
    SUB: Detected subtitle file format: subviewer
    SUB: Read 835 subtitles.
    SUB: Added subtitle file (1): /home/urke/tmp/filmovi/01 NOVO/Ignition/
    xscreensaver_disable: Could not find XScreenSaver window.
    Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
    Selected video codec: [ffdivx] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3))
    Opening audio decoder: [mp3lib] MPEG layer-2, layer-3
    AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 96,0 kbit/6,80% (ratio: 12000->176400)
    Selected audio codec: [mp3] afm: mp3lib (mp3lib MPEG layer-2, layer-3)
    AO: [alsa] 48000Hz 2ch s16le (2 bytes per sample)
    Starting playback...
    VDec: vo config request - 640 x 360 (preferred colorspace: Planar YV12)
    VDec: using Planar YV12 as output csp (no 0)
    Movie-Aspect is undefined - no prescaling applied.
    VO: [xv] 640x360 => 640x360 Planar YV12
    A: 281,4 V: 281,4 A-V:  0,002 ct:  0,001 7037/7037  3%  1%  0,9% 1 0
    And there is my testing subfont (Cambria) and what I see in gmplayer/mplayer:

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    alpha645 Guest
    Try disabling your screensaver, but I doubt that will help. And try this:

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    urke Guest

    Thumbs up Solved!

    Thanks man. That is it. fontconfig is compiled so subfont.ttf have not effect, but this help:
    mplayer -font 'Myriad Pro Cond' movie.avi
    Now I put in ~/.mplayer/config this:
    font = 'Myriad Pro Cond'
    And now mplayer use Myriad Pro Cond for OSD font.

    Thanks a lot!

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