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    Stage 2 Boot load error

    I have a Dell Poweredge 6400 with 2 x 9GB drives set up in a volume and 4 x 18GB drives set up in RAID 5. I have the /boot partition at the beginning of the volume (sda1) but when I power on the server it fails to load the grub boot menu and instead gives me an error stating "Grub Loading stage2Read Error". If I place a windows bootable cd in the cd drive and do NOT select to boot from the cd then it will go directly to the Grub boot loader and boot into Linux as expected. I am perplexed on why the Stage 1 loader is having problems loading the stage 2 loader. Anyone have any ideas?

    Carlo Wise

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    Try reinstalling grub, boot up as you explained, then type (as root)

    grub-install /dev/sda --recheck
    and reboot

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