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    Growing a loopback ext3fs

    Hey guys. I've got a "filesystem" that's stored in a file, and I mount that file as an ext3 system.

    How can I make it bigger? Anything special?

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    You would have to umount it, resize the file containing it, and run resize2fs or something. If you have the space you might create a new, larger loopback file, mount both, and copy data over.

    Though back up, I'm not sure how this'll work.

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    I have resized encrypted filesystems using this procedure several times without losing any data, but it's been a while since I've done it, so try it at your own peril. I would strongly advise making a backup copy of the file first...

    The general outline:

    du -m <filename> => to get size in Mb to use for seek value below
    dd if=/dev/zero of=<filename> bs=1M seek=<size from above> count=<blocks to add>
    e2fsck -f /dev/loop0 <=assuming loop device is loop0
    resize2fs /dev/loop0

    Using real values (I actually used K instead of M although I don't quite remember why):

    % du -k swap_125
    125220052 swap_125
    % dd if=/dev/urandom of=swap_125 bs=1k seek=125220052 count=25000000
    % e2fsck -f /dev/loop0
    % resize2fs /dev/loop0


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