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    Question samba-python ?

    Hi people,

    i want to write an interface in python to manage a samba-server.
    I can't find samba-python-moduls for FEDORA or REDHAT, only for SUSE.
    If there are no moduls I have to write them self, but I'm to putridly for this.
    Can everbody help me ??

    !Education is what remains remaining, if we forgotten which we learned!

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    The Fedora package is called system-config-samba. Should get you started. If you get any useful improvements I am sure the configuration tools team would gladly accept them.

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    I know the system-configuration tools, but I think my expression was wrongly...
    At work we have written an grafical interface for vmWare to manage virtual machines(http://www.hejoe.de), there we have an LDAP to authenticate the user which are registred.
    This interface is written in python.
    Now we want to migrate a Samba to store the virtual maschines and the data of the user.
    LDAP includes Samba-methods, but I don't know how to handle it with python???
    This is my real problem!
    So I think that the system-config-samba tool didn't help me.

    But thanks neverless for your strive.
    Education is what remains remaining, if we forgotten which we learned! ;)

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