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    peterpan0307 Guest

    Can't play mp3 in samba shares

    I can't play mp3 files remotely since a package update about a month ago. I forget which packages have been updated.
    I have installed totem-xine and xine-lib-extras-nonfree. Remote file system permission is correct and I can copy the file to local harddrive and play the mp3 file.

    However, when execute a mp3 file remotely (e.g. smb://remote_pc/mp3/abc.mp3 )
    There is an error message from totem:
    "There is no input plugin to handle the location of this movie"

    Similiar error message is also seen in mplayer and Realplayer.

    Exact situation was also described in this post:

    I have tried to disable SElinux but not work. I also reinstalled totem-xine, codec and gnome-vfs, none of them succeed.

    Please help.
    Thank you

    My gnome-vfs2 versions:
    gnome-vfs2 2.16.2-2.fc6.i386
    gnome-vfs2-smb 2.16.2-2.fc6.i386
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    look at /var/log/messages after attempting to access the shares with your application. then most likely you'll need to report a bug to gnome
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    please remember to say if you problem was solved

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    peterpan0307 Guest
    thank you for your reply.

    I don't see any interesting messages in logs

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    peterpan0307 Guest
    can anybody help?

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