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    dipeshpatel Guest

    Smart Card Reader

    I am new to Linux and recently installed Fedora Core 6. After successfully installing the OS, i dicovered that there is the functionality to use the Smart Card reader on my laptop. However i am not sure how this works and an addition if Fedora has recognised the reader.

    How can i check that the reader has been recognised and the drivers installed, and how can i use the Smart Card utility?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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    Nocturnus Guest
    Shouldn't be a problem. If it is set up properly in System -> Prederences -> Removable Drives and Media the card reader should be automatically mounted when you connect it. When finished, right click on its desktop icon and unmount it.

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    dipeshpatel Guest
    The reader is inbuilt into the laptop. How can i check that the drivers have been installed by Fedora?

    Does anyone know if i can use a utility within Fedora to access the card and how to work it or do i require another application?

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    Nocturnus Guest
    It should still work. Like a CD the filesystem won't be detected until the machine tries to mount something. If you try a card and nothing happens try System-Administration-Smart Card Manager.

    Built-in or external, it won't detect anything until you put some media with a filesystem in it.

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    dipeshpatel Guest

    I take it that the utility will auto detect the inserted card and doesnt require pre-configuring.

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    I thought the smart card manager was for smart cards as in

    not smart media cards
    (thats what the convo sounds like its talking about)

    *hardware the part of a computer you can kick*

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