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    open handles on a file?

    Hi, i am tyring to get my broadband working under linux, now i can make a ppoe connection fine from my modem and use the internet, i can also do so fine from my linux pc, BUT something is overwriting the file /etc/resolv.conf with just


    which is my private ip, every 5 seconds

    as in when i first connect it has the proper nameserver and the internet works fine for 5 seconds, the some process overwrite resolv.conf and no dns, if i changfe it back manualy it gets overwritten again, every 5 seconds, so is there any command that can list all processes with an open handle on a file, so i can fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by capo
    is there any command that can list all processes with an open handle on a file, so i can fix this?
    lsof can do that. It comes with FC6.

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    well while lsof i could not find any process acessing the file but it is definatly happening, anywya i maniged to fix it by changin the order of nameservers in resolv.conf odd, but i think something, perhaps pppoe wanted (my priavte ip) to be the first nameserver for some reason.

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    Ok well that for some reason worked till i reset, but then stopped working, the solution was to reconfigure DNSMASQ which i was using mostly fot a DHCP server, to correctly update resolv.conf

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