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    64bit + 4GB of RAM? no....

    Having used my 64bit machine for a few months now I feel like saying that I see absolutely no difference in the user noticeable performance over a 32bit machine of the same caliber.

    also.. having 4GB of RAM in the machine does not seem to matter as linux and the bios actually will only use 2.5GB of that RAM, waste of money...

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    Eventually machines will have enough RAM to require 64 bit. Until then you're probably right that users won't notice too much difference.

    Somebody got the x86_64 architecture right when it implements 32 bit nearly as fast.

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    pjfg Guest
    64bit chips were never intended to boost performance, except in precision floating point calculations. 64bit computing instead addresses memory addressing limitations; if your system can only see 2.5GB then I suggest you see if there is an update to your bios, or perhaps this is a known issue with your hardware.

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    leigh123linux Guest
    Parish had no trouble running 4Gb of ram after tunning mobo


    If you want 64 bit performance get a dual core or wait till next year for a quad?

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