iPod and amarok - songs transfer but won't play
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    iPod and amarok - songs transfer but won't play

    Hi, ever since I have upgraded to amarok 1.4.4 any song that I transfer to my iPod will show up on it, but I just can't get it to play. All the songs already on it work fine. When you right click in the media device section in amarok and select to search for orphaned files all of these tracks will show up in the list, though you can't get them to play within amarok - it says it cannot find the file. I have checked and the appropriate audio file IS being transferred to the iPod. If it helps, when amarok loads up the ipod it says "No mounted iPod found", but it still connects as normal.
    I hope someone in able to help, this is a very frustrating problem!

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    eejut Guest

    I have figured out the issue with Amarok and iPods on FC6. FC6 core includes ligpod 0.3x, but newer ipods (G5+) require libgpod 0.4. libgpod 0.4 is included in freshrpms, but amarok (from extras) is compiled against libgpod 0.3x.

    I fixed the issue by installing libgpod and libgpod-devel (0.4) from freshrpms and rebuilding the amarok src rpm from fc6 extras...

    Good luck!

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    eejut Guest
    Hi, I have provided instructions on how to get my RPM from this thread http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showt...1718#post701718

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