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    Caspermklo Guest

    Problem with configure Lan when server is on windows 98

    On the beginning I'm apologize for my bad grammar. I don't know english so well because I'm from Poland. Few days ago I installed Fedora Core 1. Everything is good expect network. I'm using LAN. Server is on Windows 98 and it is the major problem. I'm using redhat-config-network to config my network. I used ethernet connection. I configured it and it can't activate with server DHCP. WHen I chose static IP, the ethernet is activate. DNS not work. We using in this network name of workgroup to configure internet connection while I'm using Windows. I don't know what to do and how I could install internet connection using LAN connection. I don't know linux so well, so probobly somebody could help me writing word by word. I will be thankful for any help or/and answer.

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    Jman Guest
    What kind of server is the Win 98 machine? How do you connect to the network? Internet connection sharing?

    redhat-config-network is a good place to start. If you can find your DNS information from the Win 98 computer or ISP, you can enter those servers on the DNS tab of redhat-config-network. Try entering the IP number of the Win 98 computer if it has Internet connection sharing.

    The main question is how does the Win 98 computer connect to the Internet.

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    ieatlint Guest
    Safe bet he's using ICS.

    OK, you got it working with a static IP but DNS didn't work. That's because you didn't configure the DNS servers, which, as Jman said, can be entered in redhat-config-network on the DNS tab.

    The values you want to enter can be found on the Win 98 box by...
    Start Menu -> Run
    Type in "winipcfg" and press enter.
    That program will contain at least 1 DNS server, likely 2 servers. Copy them (preferably in order) to the Linux machine.


    You can else enter them manually into:
    with the syntax:

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