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    pressesctoquit Guest

    Exclamation HELP!!!,FC 5 asking for RAID to pick RAID driver??

    Hello all, new to the forums here, well im installing FC 5 for the first time and have run into a problem. Everything goes well up until after I select the language and keyboard type(which isnt very far). After this it load a few drivers and then asks me to select a specific driver or to insert a disk for a device driver. In the list of all the drivers I get to pick most of thenm are RAId drivers(which I dont need), and none of them work. Cannot get past this point. Do I need to disable anything in the BIOS? Any feedback would be great as I am eager to join the Fedora community!

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    Aug 2006
    New Plymouth, New Zealand
    When you get to the boot options screen try "linux nodmraid". (without the quotes).

    If that doesn't fix it perhaps you could tell us a little more about the computer you are trying to install on.

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    pressesctoquit Guest
    hmm, no that did not work. But I will mention all my components:

    Intel C2D E6300 not Oc'd
    Gigabyte GA965P-DS3
    ATi Radeon X1600PRO
    512 MB Corsair XMS2
    Western Digtial 74GB HDD IDE
    Windows XP SP2

    I should have mentioned that I am aiming at using GRUB to dual boot Windows and Fedora, also that since this problem has something to do with my hard drive I have an IDE drive not a SATA and I want to be able to select the CD-ROM to boot the OS from since I made a DVD with the ISO.

    I should also mention this is the 64-bit version Im trying
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    Aug 2006
    New Plymouth, New Zealand
    GRUB should have no problems booting either XP or FC5 off the same disk if you install it on the MBR but it sounds like you can't even get the install started :-(

    Let me know if I've got this right:

    You downloaded the FC5 64 bit DVD iso image and burnt this to a blank DVD using nero or something similar?

    When you put the DVD into your dvd drive and reboot the computer boots directly from the DVD and starts the FC5 installer?

    What happens next?

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    pressesctoquit Guest

    I want to select CD-ROM right?

    Then I get this after selecting CD

    Im really stuck, any more input?

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    Aug 2006
    New Plymouth, New Zealand
    Looks as though the installer can't see the dvd drive which is somewhat odd seeing you just booted from it! I'm not techy enough to help much more on the hardware side - sorry.

    You could try an install from cd rather than dvd.

    Good luck.

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    pressesctoquit Guest
    Well, i am afraid it is something to do with my hardware setup, will try a few different cd drives after burning the ISO to CD's, thanks for the prompt help!!

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    pressesctoquit Guest
    ok, I did try to swap out the DVD drive I was using and used an older CD drive to see I the 5 CD's I burned would work, well they did not. I got the same error at the same place. i did some searches on issues similar to mine and found that people that had the same problem had similar hardware to mine. Could it be that Fedora is just not for me, I dont wanna give up but im a hair away Any thing i can do to maybe fix the possible harware barrier I seem to be hitting??

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    I'm not sure, but I have the same problem with an MSI K8T-NeoV motherboard which also uses VT8237. I don't have it set for RAID in the BIOS either....but FC5 has never been able to see my WD SATA drives. I was running SUSE 10.1 and during the install, with the same setup, SUSE 10.1 picked up the SATA drives, and installed perfectly. FC5 just cannot find the drives. I finally removed my SATA drives and moved them to a Windows XP computer my wife uses....installed a regular WD IDE drive and FC 5 installed fine. It doesn't seem that FC5 likes the VT8237, or something in the hardware. I'm not a pro on FC, but just know that SUSE installed, "as is," while FC cannot.


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    pressesctoquit Guest
    yea hopefully will be a n issue ironed out with the next development, will looki into Suse 10.1 like you said, thanks

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    Blackjack Davy Guest
    I've got an almost identical setup I'm using a Gigabyte GA-965p DS3 mobo and an Intel E6600 conroe processor and Maxtor SATA HDD's and I'm having exactly the same problem as you.

    Funny I had the same problem of hardware incompatibility 2 years ago with RH when I built my Athlon 64 bit PC. I guess things don't change.

    Thanks for the heads up looks like I'll be getting hold of a copy of SuSe 10 too.
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    pressesctoquit Guest
    Well just some reccomendation for you, I tried SusE 10.1 and it did not like my rig, installed FC6 and it was as smooth as ever

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    Blackjack Davy Guest
    So you're saying FC6 worked ok for you?

    I've just ordered SuSe10.

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    pressesctoquit Guest
    ya mean that you paid for it?? yea FC6 is great

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    Blackjack Davy Guest
    Yes, I bought a copy on eBay for a couple of bucks. Saved me the bother of hours spent downloading it.

    I've got FC6 on order I'm looking forward to finally getting it working on my PC!
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