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    jre Guest

    problem with mod_auth_mysql , apache 2.2

    Hi I am having a problem with using mod_auth_mysql with apache 2.2

    I have managed to get authentication working but whenever anyone accesses the areas of the site which are protected the error log file is filled with

    [error] Internal error: pcfg_openfile() called with NULL filename

    The appropriate bits of the httpd.conf look like

    #Stuff for Munit monitoring

    ScriptAlias /monitoring/cgi "/usr/local/munin/var/www/cgi/"
    Alias /monitoring "/usr/local/munin/var/www/"

    <Directory /usr/local/munin/var/www/>
    #mod_auth_mysql stuff

    AuthName "xxxxx"
    AuthType Basic
    AuthBasicAuthoritative Off
    AuthMySQLHost localhost
    AuthMySQLDB http_auth
    AuthMySQLPasswordField user_passwd
    AuthMySQLUserTable http_auth_users
    AuthMySqlUser xxxx
    AuthMySqlPassword xxxx
    AuthMySQLEnable On
    AuthMySQLPwEncryption MD5
    AuthMySQLAuthoritative On
    require valid-user


    <Directory /usr/local/munin/var/www/cgi>
    AllowOverride none
    Options ExecCGI -MultiViews +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all


    Anyone have any ideas why its giving this error message



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    cyfdecyf Guest
    Try to add the following in <Directory ...> ... </Directory>

    AuthUserFile /dev/null

    If that makes your authentication fail, then consider using apache 2.0.

    When I am using apache 2.2.3, besides the message you got, I've also got the following

    [error] [client] (9)Bad file descriptor: Could not open password file: (null)

    My authentication doesn't work either. I've battled it for several days and at last solved this problem under windowz with xampp 1.5.0. Under Linux however, xampp doesn't contain the module and I have to compile the module by myself. And finally the problem was solved under Linux (I am not using FC so I don't have the precompiled module)

    When I was googling this problem, I found there are many people with this problem and their configuration are almost the same. So I guess mod_auth_mysql works well with apache 2.0 but not apache 2.2. ( I even wasn't able to compile the module against apache 2.2, always have compile error) Maybe I am wrong.
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    jre Guest
    Your suggestion does stop the error messages and authentication still works.

    I used an unofficial patch to mod_auth_mysql to get it to compile with apache 2.2.2.

    Thanks for the help


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    cyfdecyf Guest
    You are welcome.

    And I am interested with the patch to make mod_auth_mysql work with apache 2.2, I will give it a try.

    Is the patch you used from Andrew's diary? here
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