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    jcauweli Guest

    bad keyboard on parallels fedora core 5


    I hope that you guys can help me out here...

    I have installed FC5 in a parallels virtual machine and am having a problem with my keyboard settings. I can type almost everything, but using the "Alt Gr" just won't work. I really need the @ symbol. I can only type it by copying it from a website... How should I solve this problem?

    thanks in advance,

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    jcauweli Guest
    Is there really nobody with at least an idea how to fix this or where to look for answers? I have already emailed the support department of the parallels tool I use to run a virtual linux machine.

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    jcauweli Guest
    well, I found the problem. Nothing wrong with fedora or it's configuration. The problem was in the virtualisation software (parallels) since installing fedora 5 on VMware eliminates the problem.

    But now there's another problem, since vmware costs much more than parallels, so now there's something else to worry about...

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