Hi all,

I have just gotten one of these new logitech mice. details here

Basically trying to get all the buttons working in linux. back/forward should be easy enough, xev shows them up as mouse buttons 8 and 9 respectively (although I have no idea how to match those up to forward/back in firefox!)

The things I am having trouble with in particular is the 2nd wheel - xev shows nothing happening for push forward/back or click of that wheel (it's not a proper wheel, just a sprung button that moves 2 ways) Also, I have lost my middle click! The scroll wheel has this "free spin" mode, which by default is enabled by pressing down on the wheel. A quick look at the software on a windows machine shows that the PC can somehow send signals to the mouse regarding the status of "free spin" mode. You can also change the behaviour of pressing down on the wheel.

Has anyone got this configured in Linux, or are there any efforts that anyone knows of regarding development of some logitech management software?