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    Hambo Guest

    Can I update KDE offline easily?

    Hey all.

    I have KDE 3.4 installed on a Fedora Core 5 machine and would like to update it to the current version.

    I'm on dialup at home so it is unacceptable to update KDE via yum, as my connection times out before completing the download. Could someone please direct me to a tutorial on upgrading KDE with a rpm, as I could download these at school and bring them home on a CD. I'm not sure which ones I need because there's about 200 files on the KDE site under the Fedora Core 5 download section.

    Thankyou very much for any help into this matter!

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    I guess I would run yum update kde*
    and see what the required packages are and that will narrow down your selections and take care of the required dependencies.
    Then you could download them and transfer them all to one directory on your FC installation [say /home/username/XXX] and then, logged in as root
    cd /home/username/XXX
    then run
    rpm -Uvh *.rpm
    and hopefully it works for you.

    Perhaps someone has a better solution and or suggestion and will post it.

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    Hambo Guest
    Okay, thanks for the reply Seve. I shall try this tonight.

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    Hambo Guest
    Well, no go. I downloaded the required packages from the website under /fc5/i386/stable/RPMS and updated and installed dependencies with yum at home (it was only 20mb of dependancies, which is quite easy on a 24k connection) but it just wont work. I haven't got the log here, so I can't post it. It's ****ed, basically.

    The ignorance that people in the world dont have access to broadband really annoys me. There are plenty of places in the world that CANT get broadband, so it's not because I'm tight. Why the hell isn't a download resume built into yum? It's seems the only easy way to install anything, but it's a pity the process by which it installs things is by downloading the packages in one fell swoop.

    Do you think if enough people wanted a download resumer in yum it would be written in?

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    jimmy20013 Guest
    Go to and they have a list of source packages that make up KDE 3.5.4. Get those packages and Konstruct(its on the site as well) and you will be on your way to update KDE.

    Or get those packages, build an .rpm put it in a local repo and use yum to update KDE using that repo. I am not so sure about this method though.

    Take Care.

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