I have fc5 installed on a old compaq for my parents with an airnet AWN108 wireless card the card is running the Aerthos AR5212 chipset.

I am running a yum installed madwifi driver and it worked right after the download with network manager with no configuration.

As far as I am aware extreme G, super G, and turbo are all the same thing since they are all run from arthos chipsets. I am using a dlink DI-624 wireless router so this should be compatible.

So I should be able to break 54 mbps if I can find a way to enable this. I'm just looking for a little more signal strength and possible a little more range my parents complain that it disconnects by the pool. When I am 6 feet away my signal is two bars while I recieve the same signal with a DWL-G650 with the exact same chipset on a windows machine in the basement a floor below the router. I understand that AIRNET may use a cheaper antenna but I do believe that it should get above 50% when I'm right next to the router.