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    SSH Launcher "Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal."

    I'm behind a firewall at work, and use SSH to tunnel the ports I need to run VNC (ports 5900 and 5901) to I can run some tests from my home PC. I run:
    ssh -L 5800:localhost:5900 remotehost
    This allows me to connect my vncviewer to localhost:5800, and see my home PC. I also have set up my RSA keys so I don't need to enter a password or passphrase to log in from work. This all works fine and dandy.

    The annoying part is the connection times out eventually, if it goes idle for 5 minutes for VNC and 5 minutes for SSH (so 10 minutes total, and I have to start over). It's really not THAT annoying to have to type in the bash alias for the connection string, and then open a new tab/window to run the bash alias I have for opening my vnc connection and run it in the background. But I would like to put another feather in my hat that allows me to open the SSH tunnel from a Launcher all int he back ground.

    Currently, I create a custom launcher on my desktop and/or my panel, and simply add the line connection string as the command to run, and tell it to send my stdout and stderror to a file:
    ssh -L 5800:localhost:5900 remote > ~/ssh.log 2>&1

    If I run this command from the command line, it takes my prompt away, and writes my new prompt to the file. I can type exit and hit enter, and it adds the lines to the log file, and I get my prompt back. Thinking that if this works, then it should work from the launcher. When I run the exact same command from the launcher, the ssh.log file says:
    Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.
    Any way to trick SSH into thinking stdin is a terminal with out opening a terminal, or did I just hit a brick wall?


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    Read about the -T and -t options in the ssh man page.
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    Use tightvnc which has a command "vncviewer -via machine ..." to automatically route through an ssh tunnel. I have tightvnc-1.2.9-3.1.fc2.dag on fc5 and it works well.

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    The -T and -t options didn't fix the problem, though there was a difference. WIth the -t option, I get no difference (not surprised, because I'm forcing it to do what it's already doing, apearently.) With the -T option, running from the command line, I loose the ability to write commands to the terminal, and I only get "Killed by signal 2." in the ssh.log file and it will connect. When running from the Launcher with the -T option, I get nothing written to the ssh.log file, and the process only lasts for about 2 seconds. I tried entering the command directly, and tried running the command as a script, still no luck. Here's my syntax:
    ssh -TL 5800:localhost:5900 remotehost > ~/ssh.log 2>&1

    For tightvnc, it's not as simple as a yum install. Where do you get tightvnc from?

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    I told you the name. Google tightvnc-1.2.9-3.1.fc2.dag and it is the first link. Google is your friend.

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    There is a new tightvnc out.

    The rpm tightvnc-1.3.8-1.i386.rpm there installs fine under fedora 5 and works fine.

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